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UFO Sighting in Winter Garden, Florida on 2018-03-20 02:30:00 – Visit of ihna for extraction from earth area.

The following exert is an eye witness statement. Please read into it what you will. This has been reported to mufon who I am sure are investigating:


I have enclosed a write up of my et experience in march of this year. this dream/out of body/dream event was vivid and abnormal for my sleep experience. i remembered everything in detail and started the drawing that is enclosed the morning after the event. i put in details as the days passed and then did a write up of what i remembered and how i felt. i shared my experience with my wife and one friend after the visit happened. i have never had a dream or experience like this before or since.

i had heard david wilcock (you) discuss the type of being i experienced and saw a picture on youtube of a similar type of entity in a person’s hand that much smaller than the entities i had experienced. although i am interested in areas of the unknown or the hidden i had never been aware of anything like the entities i had encountered. i still wonder why i was the person that was contacted and for what reason.

i can only conjecture that their use of me was very controlled as i was rather in a hypnotic directed trance with cognitive ability, a childlike feeling internally, very limited expression ability but a willingness to serve while feeling safe. at no time did feel threatened or used in an inappropriate way. i did feel as though the male entity was trying to protect itself from someone or something. he may have put out a partial communication for pick up or rescue per the devise that the female handed me. i still wonder it the letters ihna mean anything?

the male entities ability to cloak itself for protection made him undetectable to his own as well as others but unless called would not know what was around him. but somehow he was able to listen or monitor me as when i called he appeared. he must have trusted his ability to communicate through me as a beacon to others but i am not sure it was his first choice. i think he was in escape mode from something and by using me he was staying safe and undetectable.

i do not understand their telling me to keep my doors locked as an answer to the question of mine concerning them giving me a point of wisdom. although they were in a way benevolent they expressed to me a feeling of love and peace.

well that is all i have at the moment. i am not sure if you are interested in this experience. if i can provide any other information please feel free to contact me.

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